8 Things We Do Better

We are the leaders in IT Consulting, Computer Support and Network Services serving small and medium businesses in Vancouver, Richmond, Surrey, New Westminster and Burnaby

We’re more than just IT guys - we’re business owners too. Every business is unique. We understand that. We know that to provide you with the best possible service, we need to know how your business operates and what is important to you. We take the time to truly understand your needs and provide recommendations that help you reach your goals. Why have just one computer guy, when you can have a team of IT experts working for you at a fraction of the cost of an in-house IT person?

  1. We'll Answer Your Call In 60 Minutes Or Less - Our Guarantee. Our experienced qualified technicians who can fix your computer problem will answer immediately or will respond within sixty minutes - Guaranteed.
  2. Ultra Speedy Repair. We know that your computer network and your time are too valuable to wait around for computer repair. That's where our Easy Does IT computer support services are your answer. We can resolve 87% of your problems immediately through our Easy Does IT remote management service by accessing your computer data network remotely and securely. For any problems that require an onsite visit, we'll send one of our IT support specialists over.
  3. We Solve Problems Before You Even Know You Have Them. We monitor your systems 24x7 with tools that identify almost immediately when a problem occurs. Many of the problems that do occur can be fixed remotely. We fix the problem and let you know about it once it is fixed.
  4. We Speak Your Language. You'll get clear answers to your computer and IT support questions in PLAIN ENGLISH. No "Geek Speak" - Guaranteed.
  5. We Guarantee Absolute 100% Satisfaction. Our Easy Does IT consulting and technology support services will give you the satisfaction and peace of mind you deserve. We'll go out of our way to make sure you are a satisfied customer.
  6. We Are Not In The Business Of Bad News. Rest assured that no damage will occur to your network or your data. Our EasyDoes IT support service will 1st check for unforeseen problems. Any risks will be clearly explained and we will obtain your authorization before we perform the work. You may also choose to first backup and secure your data.
  7. We Guarantee Our Work. We're confident in our ability to deliver high quality work that meets or exceeds your expectations. This ensures that your project gets completed on budget without any surprises at the end.
  8. Invoices Will Be Accurate - Guaranteed. Your invoice will be accurate and completely spelled out - we guarantee it. There will be no billing surprises since your IT management services bill will be pre-approved by you.