Our Clients

The peace of mind when everything works

Don Docksteader Motors has been outsourcing its IT functions with Cascadia Systems Group for over 10 years. Bob and his Cascadia team have consistently provided us with the support and direction needed to keep our IT infrastructure in tune with our business objectives. Bob’s Easy Does IT support service plan has afforded us the peace of mind and security that comes when everything works.

Don Docksteader Motors, Vancouver BC

Has relieved me of IT concerns

Cascadia Systems Group has been handling all of our IT needs for over five years. This has relieved me of IT concerns and allowed me to concentrate on running our dealerships and growing our business. I know without any doubt that if something is wrong Liisa will be here to fix it. If the problem is complicated Liisa’s knowledge of the inner workings of our business will aid in her suggestion for a solution. We have become very reliant on the Cascadia Team for their quick, thorough & consistent service and appreciate their always available and flexible attitude.

General Manager
Regency Auto Group

We are working with smiles on our faces

I wanted to say how pleased I am now that TPS is back to its normal quick self. I have not heard anything but...well nothing...Steve and Larry and I are working with smiles on our faces as we can get thru the pile of work before us knowing it is us and not our computers that are worn out.

Del Mistro Dunn Professional Accountants Powell River BC