HIPAA Compliance

Taking the pain out of Healthcare IT

Working in Healthcare isn’t easy. Not only do you have challenging patients and difficult cases to deal with each day, but you also need to ensure that your practice is compliant with the myriad of complex industry and government regulatory requirements. HIPAA compliance in particular can be daunting, but Cascadia Systems Group helps make things clearer.

Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery

When it comes to the sensitive data your practice handles each and every day, it’s just not worth taking risks. By engaging the help of the experts at Cascadia Systems Group, you can ensure that your backups are continually up to date, and that in the event of a disaster you can recover quickly and seamlessly. We provide backup solutions that are scalable, secure, effective and affordable.

Network Security Audits

Ensuring that your security systems remain current is vital to the livelihood of your healthcare practice - in fact, not doing so could put it at risk entirely. Cascadia Systems Group’s Network Security Audits provide analysis and diagnosis from experienced professionals, who are able to help you identify and remedy vulnerabilities within your infrastructure.

Managed Services

Healthcare Managed Services from Cascadia Systems Group allow you to fully outsource the management, maintenance and support of your practice’s IT requirements - all for one affordable and predictable monthly rate. We’ll help you beat downtime and ongoing computer problems, avoid the headaches of IT management, and keep your technology budget in check too.

Cascadia Systems Group’s HIPAA Compliance and other Healthcare IT solutions enable you to gain the peace of mind that your system is working efficiently, securely and to the benefit of your practice - giving you more time with your patients.

Give your Healthcare IT the once over.