Wireless and Firewall Management

Keep your network safe from the inside

Internet access is at the heart of the smooth running of the majority of modern businesses, meaning you need yours to be secure, efficient and reliable. Achieving that means keeping intruders out, and monitoring how the internet is used within your organization. Cascadia Systems Group’s comprehensive Wireless and Firewall Management services allow you to ensure that you have worry-free internet access that works for your business.

Our Firewall Management solutions ensure that good traffic - comprising of your staff, and genuine visitors to your website and users of your systems - is allowed to pass through your network, while bad, potentially harmful traffic is stopped in its tracks so that your infrastructure is safe and smooth-running.

Cascadia Systems Group’s Firewall Management includes:

  • Content filtering - providing security from potentially dangerous websites
  • Hardware and software - with ongoing upgrades and security updates
  • Simplified management - including reporting of availability and thwarted threads

With our Wireless solutions, you can declutter your office and do away with the cables and wires, while reducing internet downtime and so enhancing your business’s productivity. Wireless internet access gives you the freedom to work from wherever, perfect for those whose schedules involve lots of travel.

You’ll be able to use any computer, printer or web-enabled device in your office from the same internet connection, and stay in touch with your colleagues, clients and partners when you’re away from the office altogether. Our services bring connectivity with unmatched reliability, scalability and peace of mind, transforming your business into a more efficient and profitable entity. Best of all? We’ll have you up and running in no time, with minimal disruption.

Get the technology solutions that can take you places.